Honeycomb Pave

Indica 70%
Helps with: Depression, Mood swing, Chronic pain, Nausea, Appetite loss, Chronic stress.

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Honeycomb Pavé is one of the newest strains to launch with us from the ever-popular breeders at Compound Genetics. This new strain is part of their Pave line, a three-way collaboration between Cookies, Compound Genetics & Quavo from the Migos rap supergroup. The mother is Big Face, a star-studded array blending two exotic heavyweights, the candy-gas-filled White Runtz hit with the raw Gelato powerhouse that is Jet Fuel Gelato.

The Honeycomb Pavé is an Indica-dominant hybrid that typically tests at 23-27% THC content and generally finishes flowering between weeks 9 and 10. Honeycomb Pave is also typically a high-yielding cultivar.

Pavé itself is a cross of the legendary Paris OG clone-only cut pollinated with Compound Genetics’ in-house creation of The Menthol which blends together Gelato #45 with White Diesel x High Octane x Jet Fuel.

Pavé is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression or mood swings, chronic pain, nausea or appetite loss and chronic stress.


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